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Deep Rest


Saturday, March 23 1-3pm 

Led by Alison Sinatra


Join Alison Sinatra for a 2 hour class to soothe the Soul. We will be mostly on the ground, diving into long yin holds and restorative poses(postures using props).
The atmosphere will be quiet with spiritual teachings woven throughout. This is a class to calm your nervous system and come back into center.
Experience peace within.
All are welcome.

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SPRING: Kosha Cleanse

Seasonal Protocol to WELL BEING.

Saturday April 6   11:30-1:30, and/or 2-4pm

*both include a vegan home made lunch

11:30-1:30 Kundalini: Pranamaya Kosha Cleanse with Michael Gould

2-4pm Zen: Manamaya Kosha Cleanse with Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Koshas are the layers of our being. The physical body, the prana (energy/breath) body, the mental body, the observer body and the bliss body.
In a well balanced yoga class we access them all. During these 2 workshops we will dive deep into understanding these layers of our being with practices that will cleanse you through meditations, pranayama exercises, physical asanas, chanting, observing how we can move our energy with our mind and breath in Zen yoga and a deep release into a blissful state of non-resistance.

11:30-1:30: Pranamaya Kosha
The morning workshop  will be focused on the Pranamaya kosha with Kundalini in tune with the spring. We will be practicing pranayama (breath work), chanting and physical asanas coordinated with the breath.
Expect to feel light, free and clear!
1:30-2pm: Home made vegan lunch by Michael Gould (aka Swami)
2-4pm: Manamaya Kosha
The afternoon workshop from 2-4pm will be focused on the Manamaya kosha with Zen Yoga. Zen yoga combines Chinese Medicine, Taoism, yoga and the 5 elements.  We will begin with a  brief overview of the 5 elemental theory, followed by specific meditations that apply to the Spring (wood) energy and a sequence that combines yoga and medical Chi Gong that stimulate the energy to the organs that correspond to the spring, the liver and gal bladder. Expect to feel deeply grounded and centered, calm and unwavering.

This seasonal protocol will apply specific practices that correspond to the SPRING element which will reset your being and bring you into harmony with the season.

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Full Day with lunch

Morning Kundalini Prana cleanse with lunch 

Afternoon Zen Mind+Body cleanse with lunch


Free Your Shoulders

Workshop with Jory Serota

Saturday April 20 1-3pm   $40

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body and its health and functionality are crucial to our yoga practices. With 17 muscles that attach to the shoulder blade and over 10 that attach the humerus, maintaining both stability and mobility can be a fun and exciting challenge.In this 2-hour workshop we will explore the ranges of motion of the shoulder and build strength and flexibility in the joint. We’ll look at poses to work with the rotator cuff as well is the stubborn pec minor muscle. This class is open to all levels but will at times be challenging. Modifications are always given.


Jory Serota is the founder of Applied Yoga® and has taught internationally since 2010. He is a pioneer in establishing the link between yoga, physical therapy, personal training and massage. With over 20 years of experience in kinesiology and various movement disciplines, Jory provides a unique and effective approach to yoga and therapy.

Jory is also NeuroKinetic Therapy Instructor. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers and bodyworkers and has become an influential figure in shifting the movement and therapy paradigm. He has a unique ability to make complex biomechanical information accessible to anyone and help transform people’s pain, dysfunction and injury.

Jory worked for 6 years on the professional tennis circuit helping players recover from injury. Since then, he has traveled the world and taught both yoga and bodywork. His mission is to help people eliminate pain, optimize movement potential and support the spiritual well-being of his clients.

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The Mystery of Death through the lens of Yoga

Saturday April 27, 11:30-1pm  $35    by Vivek Desai

What happens after death? From massive pyramids and elaborate mausoleums, to sky burials and burials at sea, every culture and religion has grappled with the mystery of death.
In the Katha Upanishad, an ancient sacred text, a young boy goes to the house of death and asks this question to the god of death himself. And the answer is mind-blowing! Join us as we study their fascinating dialogue and learn how coming to grips with our own mortality can free us from all suffering in life.
The workshop format includes exposition, question-answers, and guided meditations.
Led by Vivek Desai
Vivek, a molecular biologist by education (PhD) from Princeton University, is a yoga philosophy teacher at Shanti Mandir. He has been teaching for over a decade and is known for his ability to convey the relevance and practical application of ancient wisdom in our modern lives.

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