Vitality Yoga Events

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 Vitality’s YOGA University

 Winter Track: 

Strengthen Your Emotional Integrity

5 Saturdays in a row: 

Jan 5+12+19+26, Feb 2 2019      11:30-1:30pm

$350. for the 5 sessions 


On these 5 Saturdays we will explore the Yamas and Niyamas, the foundational teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga, that speak to our EMOTIONAL INTEGRITY. We will incorporate these teachings into a full yoga practice. When breathing deeply in a yoga pose we access a different part of the brain that can absorb and assimilate these teachings into our being in a profound way. Following the practice we will observe how these teachings relate to us through journaling and sharing insights.

Register here to Know Thyself: Purify through Yoga and the foundational teachings



Spring 2019 track will be posted soon…