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Build Confidence with a HAND STAND WORKSHOP

with Lana Heintjes

February 23   1-3pm $40

Are you eager to try handstands, but need some guidance? Have you been practicing handstands, but don’t know what’s stopping you from finding the balance or you’re afraid to practice without a wall? Know how to balance a handstand but are on a quest form the press? In this workshop, you will given a whole new set of tools to add to your toolbox so that balancing on your hands can become a reality. You’ll learn strength building exercises, handstand alignment, shoulder openers, partner spotting techniques, and how to bail out of a handstand safely and comfortably. You’ll be given options that are appropriate for your level.

Intro to AcroYoga

Saturday, February 29th 12pm -1:30pm
With Lana Heintjes and Casey Richards
$25 on or before Feb 22nd

NO PARTNER NECESSARY – most people come to AcroYoga classes without a partner. There will be plenty of people to pair up with, and we mostly play in groups of 3.

Learn the basics of AcroYoga -a blend of partner yoga, acrobatics, and Thai bodywork. It’s more accessible than you might think – with proper alignment and technique, you can learn how to do seemingly gravity-defying partner poses. Lana and Casey will help you safely get into poses you never dreamed you could do. This practice also allows for juicy stretches and spicy strength building poses, giving you a full body workout while you play!

We end with a therapeutic cool down of Thai bodywork to leave you rested and energized. This is the most fun you’ll have yoga-ing with friends!
No acrobatic experience necessary!

Lana is a certified Level 2 AcroYoga International teacher since 2016.
Casey is a certified AcroFit teacher since 2018.

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Build Strength to Support Your Practice 

Sunday, March 22nd 2pm -4pm
With Michael Stein

Whether you enjoy yoga, pilates, dance, or running there are certain fundamental groups of muscles that will support and stabilize your body, especially as we move into our forties and fifties. This workshop is designed for active individuals who would like to learn more about how to safely strengthen the deep core muscles as well as the shoulder girdle.When these muscles are toned we not only feel lighter in our practice but we have less risk of injury in the long run.

We will use a variety of movements – pulling from yoga, pilates, and calisthenics – to find the right fit for your unique body.

Michael is the former Director of Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz and has trained dozens of yoga instructors. You can find many of the training methods on YouTube at “Life begins at 50”

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The Hips

Sunday, March 29th 1pm -3pm
With Denise Hopkins

Are your hips one big mystery to you? There is lots of focus on “opening the hips” in yoga classes.  This is important for creating space around the pelvis and freeing lower back tension.  However, over stretching can weaken the ligaments and cartilage that support the hips.  Learning how to balance flexibility with strength is crucial for supporting our joints and keeping us injury free.  In this Forrest yoga class, feel for areas around your hips that are more open, strong, more weak, and tighter.  Learn accessible moves to incorporate into your practice that will leave you feeling more grounded yet light.

*Forrest Yoga uses focused intention, deep breathing, abdominal work, and therapeutic moves to help free up emotional back log in the body.  Denise has taught Forrest Yoga since 2005 and is a Forrest Yoga Guardian teacher. All levels welcome.

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Come join our Yoga Community with SEVA (service)

Yoga in serving our neighbors who are in need.

The first Saturday of each month we will join together with Hope On A Mission(HOAM) to serve the homeless from 6-8pm in Poughkeepsie on the corner of S. Main St and Clinton Ave.  

Needed: Warm coats, hats, gloves, mittens, boots, clothes, FOOD!  

We will gather at 5:15 at Vitality to car pool, or just meet us there.

Text with questions: 845-419-1660.