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 YOGA retreat in Tulum Mexico

February 27-March 4 2018  with Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Join us on a 5 day yoga retreat in gorgeous Tulum Mexico at the Amansala retreat center. Amansala’s simple and beautiful authentic Mexican aesthetic allows us to sink into a profoundly restorative experience.  A daily rhythm of 2 yoga classes led by Maggie; a morning vinyasa flow woven with ancient yogic teachings and an afternoon Zen yoga restorative class with guided breath work and meditation will reset you into a state of well being and ease. We’ll be nourished daily with 3 delicious healthy meals under the palms overlooking the turquoise sea.  The vibe at Amansala is so relaxed and easeful, no pretense, just be as you are.  Come restore and heal your being and return to your home centered, calm, nourished and effective.  You’ll be so glad you did.

Here’s what last years participants have to say:
Shawna Sylvester: 1/29/17
Thank you so much dearest Maggie!
The retreat at Amansala was like being placed in a nurturing nest of security. All of our needs were met with love and ease. We were fed healthy foods, we were hydrated and we slept in cozy fresh linens to the sound of the sea, reminding us of the source of our life…allowing us to transcend and focus on the yogi’s path. Each of our group members retreated to Amansala with an open heart allowing us to enjoy our time together with peaceful ease. Maggie, your attention to the niyamas and the yamas each day fostered an inner cleansing and clearing allowing for a true shift.
I feel blessed to have been a part of this cosmic experience and to practice with you.
Maggie, you are a nurturing, intuitive teacher and a beautiful person!
Aliza Driller: 2/3/17   Tulum with Maggie
I feel so thankful for the opportunity to dive deep into the turquoise blue waters of both the sea and my spirit! The resort was ideal for transformative growth; a tropical paradise with generous staff, delicious food and luxurious accommodations! The location was a wonderful combination of a dreamlike Paradise mixed with exotic flavors of cultural. In this tranquil setting, Maggie’s teachings were able to be truly heard, practiced, experienced and, internalized to their fullest. It is much easier in an ideal environment to bend deeply and flow with your breath to open the doors into ones soul to reveal its treasures. The teachings were penetrating and transformative! Through our long practice, our guided meditation and journaling I had the time and freedom to experience for myself authentic realizations that will stay with me. I was encouraged to explore raw edges of my personality and gently reshape my relationship with myself with a lighthearted sense of generosity. I have returned to the cold grey North East warmed through to the core, ready to meet daily routine with a renewed sense of peaceful perseverance, enhanced enthusiasm, and a big smile!

Register here to save your room! Retreat prices range from $1300-2400.  Reservations include lodging, meals, daily yoga, taxes and gratuity.


led by Maggie Heinzel-Neel

3 Tracks:

Every other Saturday  11:30-1:30pm.

Two hour yoga classes with ancient yogic scripture teachings woven into the practice.  While in yoga poses, we are breathing deeply and releasing tension held in the body,  so we listen and assimilate information on a deeper level. After the practice we will explore the teachings and how they relate to our lives personally through discussion and journaling. This is a profound practice and journey to self awareness and inner freedom. 

Zen Yoga: The Art of the Disciplined Mind and Body.  Where Chinese Medicine and Yoga meet. 

~April 7+21, May 5+19, June 2 2018      Saturdays 11:30-1:30

ZEN YOGA is a combination of yoga and Chinese Medicine. We will be strengthening the muscle of focus concentration to move our ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ ie: life force, with our mind and breath during a slow paced vinyasa class. This is a deep powerful healing practice of yoga and medical Chi Gong, being the 6th limb of the 8 fold path of yoga, dharana: focused concentration, which leads to meditation in movement.

We will study the aspects of Taoism Yoga; the 5 elements, seasons, organs, meridians, yin yang and more through out these 5 weeks to deepen our practice in the ancient study of moving energy in this dynamic practice.

Your body will be alive with Chi/Prana running smoothly and efficiently while your mind will be calm and alert, resulting in Zen clarity with a strong agile body.

Finding Your Dharma: Manifest your Life’s Work.

~Sept 15+29, Oct 13+27, Nov 10, Dec 1+15 2018       Saturdays 11:30-1:30

Clarify your CONTRIBUTION to the World
Through the map of the chakras.
Navigate Your Path.
Yoga. Meditation. Journaling
Cultivate Your Life’s Work.
Through yoga, breathing journaling and clearing these energetic organs we become clear, strong and ready to bring forth our dharma.
You’ll be so energized and glad you did!

Know Thyself: Winter Purification of Mind, Body, Spirit. 

~Jan 5+19, Feb 2+16, March 3 2019      Saturdays 11:30-1:30

On these 5 Saturdays we will explore the Yamas and Niyamas, the foundational teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga. We will incorporate these teachings into a full yoga practice. When breathing deeply in a yoga pose we access a different part of the brain that can absorb and assimilate these teachings into our being in a profound way. Following the practice we will observe how these teachings relate to us through journaling and sharing insights.
A winter nourishing cleansing diet will be encouraged to purfiy along with a daily yoga regime to implement a new healthy habit.

Register for individual tracks or take all 3 and save $100 

Handstand Workshop

with Lana Heintjes

Sunday, Jan 28th, 1:30-3:30pm


Are you eager to try handstands, but need some guidance? Have you been practicing handstands, but don’t know what’s stopping you from finding the balance or you’re afraid to practice without a wall? In this workshop, you will given a whole new set of tools to add to your toolbox so that balancing on your hands can become a reality. You’ll learn strength building exercises, handstand alignment, shoulder openers, partner spotting techniques, and how to bail out of a handstand safely and comfortably.


Intro to AcroYoga Workshop

with Lana Heintjes

Sat Feb 10th 6-8pm

30$ person, 50$ per duo

AcroYoga is partner-based yoga with a base, a flyer, and a spotter. This workshop is designed to set a solid and safe foundation that incorporates strength training, basic flying, and Thai yoga massage. The beauty of this practice is that it cultivates trust, community, communication, strength, and surrender, all while having a blast! Come as you are, with or without a partner. Lana Heintjes, E-RYT 200, is a certified Level 2 AcroYoga ® teacher. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Lana by email at