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HandSTAND Workshop

Saturday November 17, 2-4pm

led by  Lana Heintjes $40

Are you eager to try handstands, but need some guidance? Have you been
practicing handstands, but don’t know what’s stopping you from finding
the balance or you’re afraid to practice without a wall? Know how to
balance a handstand but are on a quest form the press? In this
workshop, you will given a whole new set of tools to add to your
toolbox so that balancing on your hands can become a reality. You’ll
learn strength building exercises, handstand alignment, shoulder
openers, partner spotting techniques, and how to bail out of a
handstand safely and comfortably. You’ll be given options that are
appropriate for your level.

Register here to STAND ON YOUR HANDS

 Vitality’s YOGA University

‘SELF MASTERY’  led by Maggie Heinzel-Neel   3 Tracks: Autumn, Winter + Spring

 Winter Track:  Strengthen Your Emotional Integrity

Know Thyself: Winter Purification of Mind, Body, Spirit. 

5 Saturdays in a row:  Jan 5+12+19+26, Feb 2 2019      11:30-1:30pm

$350. for the 5 sessions 

On these 5 Saturdays we will explore the Yamas and Niyamas, the foundational teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga, that speak to our EMOTIONAL INTEGRITY. We will incorporate these teachings into a full yoga practice. When breathing deeply in a yoga pose we access a different part of the brain that can absorb and assimilate these teachings into our being in a profound way. Following the practice we will observe how these teachings relate to us through journaling and sharing insights.
A winter nourishing cleansing diet will be encouraged to purfiy along with a daily yoga regime to implement a new healthy habit.

Register here to Know Thyself: Purify through Yoga and the foundational teachings



Spring 2019 track will be posted soon…